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Konnekt7 Podcast Insights: Unveiling Profound Life Lessons

Explore a rich tapestry of life lessons from Konnekt7's podcast, where meaningful connections converge with wisdom for a transformative journey.

The Art of Rest in Winter: Finding Your Rhythm for Success
Hey, Konnekt7 fam! It's your host, Thaddeaus Sims, and I'm thrilled to share some exciting news. If you haven't caught my last episode, I've dropped my new E-book: 'The Quiet Season, A Winter Self-Care Guide.' Check out ...
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Embracing Nature's Rhythms: A Seasonal Guide to Reflection and Growth
What's up, Konnekt7 Fam? I've got some exciting announcements today. We're shifting gears, delving deeper into spiritual themes and aligning with nature's cycles. Listen to the episode: Living In Rhythm: Konnekt7’s Seasonal Guide ...
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hand reaching out for help
The Art of Seeking Help and Effective Communication
 As I've journeyed through life, one constant learning curve has been recognizing the power of seeking help and the art of effective communication. It's been transformative, an evolution shaped by struggles, realizations, and a podcast that...
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lights representing magic
Journeying through Realms: Unveiling the Magic Within
Hey there, fellow adventurers of the unknown! It's Thaddeaus Sims, your guide on this wild rollercoaster ride through uncharted territories of the mind and spirit. Hold onto your hats 'cause we're about to explore realms that'll m...
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rocks stacked on each other to represent balance
The Konnekt7 Chronicles: Balancing Cosmic Vibes with Everyday Grind
Hey, there, fellow seekers of truth and cosmic revelations! Thaddeaus Sims here, your friendly vibe curator at Konnekt7. If you've tuned in to Season 3 Episode 8: Konnekt "7", you know I'm about to spill the beans, shake some cosmic...
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lady afraid holding her legs
Lesson 5: Fear No Judgment. The Power of Authentic Living
In season 3, episode 6: Popping Out of The Authenticity, I delve into authenticity, discussing my journey towards embracing my true self. I share my experiences with self-censorship and the barriers I've had to overcome to be my authentic self. ...
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woman writing
Lesson 4: Let People Go
In episode five of season 3: Letting People Go, I share the big lesson that I've gained these past two weeks, which is this: "You cannot take the people you want to take on your journey. There are places that you are to go alone." This m...
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Lesson 3: Leave Your Hometown or.. Country.
It's been over two months since I moved to New Zealand from the U.S., and I absolutely love it here! The people, the culture, the hospitality, and the NATURE! It's so beautiful here! Because of this move, I started my podcast back up and got to work ...
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person holding face in stress
Lesson 2: Fear and Finances is a horrible recipe.
The worst combination I have ever mixed was fear and finances. It wasn't on purpose, but it just happened. Life has a way of having you do things you don't intend to, BUT things happen.October 2021 was the beginning of what would be my financial trau...
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hands open for gift
Lesson 1: When you don’t use your gift, it will fuck you up internally.
You can’t run away from it. But when you walk in it- other parts of your life will improve. In S3 E1: "What’s going on with the podcast!??", I share my hardship of living a life full of responsibilities, lifestyle changes, and not using my gi...
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