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Lesson 1: When you don’t use your gift, it will fuck you up internally.

You can’t run away from it. But when you walk in it- other parts of your life will improve. 

In S3 E1: "What’s going on with the podcast!??", I share my hardship of living a life full of responsibilities, lifestyle changes, and not using my gift. 

I have a gift for connecting with people; part of my connecting with others is through my podcast. 

Because life was beating my ass, I let my passion become a chore, a huge responsibility that I avoided, pausing it multiple times and eventually taking a break from my gift altogether. 

This caused my spirit and energy to become blocked and backed up, which led me to feel irritability, anxiousness, a sense of not living up to my expectations, and much more. 

You may relate, and if so, I’ll say this- utilize your gift. Let it heal, uplift, fulfill, and improve the parts of your life affected by not using your gift. 

May your gift align you with your purpose, and may your gift fulfill you like it once did before. 

The Black Konnektor