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Lesson 3: Leave Your Hometown or.. Country.

It's been over two months since I moved to New Zealand from the U.S., and I absolutely love it here! The people, the culture, the hospitality, and the NATURE! It's so beautiful here! Because of this move, I started my podcast back up and got to work on season 3. 

This move has caused me to explore myself and the beautiful new country. A few opportunities I have experienced from my travels here have been: 

1) The opportunity to rest and reset

2) The opportunity to work on my relationship with my partner

3) The opportunity to feel happy again 

This is just the tip of the iceberg! 

You may want these opportunities and can experience them in whatever country you choose to be right for you! In my latest episode, S3 E4: Thinking of Leaving The U.S., I share 7.5 tips that would benefit you if you're on the fence. The life lesson in this is to leave your hometown or country and experience new things and a new version of yourself. 

The 7.5 tips are as follows: 

1) Astro-cartography- I used this to see what places aligned with my birth chart. For those in the spiritual community, I recommend you check it out, especially if you want a good idea of what places in the world align with you and your energy. I got my partners and my reading from Dom & Mishell. You can find their TikTok here and website here.

2) Write down your values. For those not into the spiritual stuff, this would be your step 1! Our values were essential for us to have written down so that we could find places that aligned and supported those values. It will help narrow down your search big time. 

A few of our values were safety, women's rights, nature, work-life balance, culture, the English language, and acceptance of black people and minorities. 

3) Research! Look up the places based on your astro-cartography reading, values, or the places you feel called to. Join their TikTok pages, Facebook groups, and communities to get an idea of what it's really like where you're thinking of moving to! 

4) Get your passport and visa! Did you know that among Americans, 43% have a passport, while 52% do not? Learn more about that here. With this being said, get your passports now while you DON'T HAVE TO vs. when you NEED to go, so you're prepared to escape on your own time, lol 

4.5) Global entry! It's your best friend! For those who need to learn what it is, Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. In other words, skip the lines when you're at the airport and returning to the States (If you want to, lol). Learn more here

5) Plan your escape based on what stage you're in in life. My partner and I didn't have dependents and many responsibilities that tied us down, so we could get up and bounce! That may be different for you; look at where you're at in life and plan accordingly. Just know that it is possible! It may take some time and rearranging of responsibilities, but it is possible! 

6) Stay a year and see how you like it! We've been here for a few months and know we'll be here for years! When you find your new country, stay for a year, get immersed in the culture, and see how you like it! New places take time to adjust, so don't give up on it when you meet your first inconvenience, lol 

7) Be open to new experiences and new parts of yourself. What may have worked and served you back home may be different in a new country. That's a good thing; it's growth and change! Be open to trying new things, and be bold and daring! 

Lastly, get to know the new version of you in said country! You'll be surprised by how your interests change and perceptions! 

The Black Konnektor