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Lesson 2: Fear and Finances is a horrible recipe.

The worst combination I have ever mixed was fear and finances. It wasn't on purpose, but it just happened. Life has a way of having you do things you don't intend to, BUT things happen.

October 2021 was the beginning of what would be my financial trauma. I still get tight thinking about this as I write this. So let's get into the lesson!

Finances govern our lives; let's be honest for a moment. When the finances are sound, stress is lower, and peace of mind is not so far away. However, when finances are bad, tension is high, and peace of mind is nowhere to be found.

For me personally, part of my finances cost me my mental health, leading to a change in employment. I went from a remote job to Uber because the remote job was stressful, with forced promotions into areas I was not ready for or wanted to do, hours could not be changed so that I could have a healthy work-life balance, and there was a disconnect. I initially switched to a remote job FOR the podcast, but that was a failure because said job drained me. So, I decided to quit and go the Uber route.

Gold nugget: If your job costs your mental health or causes you to lose balance, look for something better. It's not worth your health. 

Uber was great in the beginning! I had my own time and more freedom! However, that cost was high mileage and wear and tear on my car. I managed what I could, but the inevitable happened- My car went out, and the repairs were not worth it for a 10-year-old car. This was the moment when everything fell apart.

After my car went out, I had no money coming in, and the few weeks I was out of a car was the worst for me. I sold the car and was getting money to put down on a used car to return to making money. I had help from friends and family and eventually returned to driving.

Gold nugget: If you consider yourself very independent and want to figure out things independently, let me tell you that you need to throw that sh*t out the window when you're in a serious relationship and live with your partner. What affects you affects both of you! Learn to ask for help in situations before they get worse. Evolve from independent to interdependent.

I share that nugget because I struggled to ask for help in those few weeks. From asking people for money and caring if they'd judge me, people getting into my business, and being unable to help my partner with any bills. It sucked, majorly!

As time progressed, I got a new job at Brightline in January of 2022! Great job, good money coming in, and more. However, that financial setback caused other bills to pile up. We eventually got all of them up except one, the mortgage. You'd have to listen to the podcast, season 3, episode 2: Financial Trauma, to get all the details on this, but I will say that after fighting our new mortgage company for many months with nothing to show for it, it led to our house going into foreclosure.


  • If you can't get current with your mortgage in 2 months, and you know this based on your current finances- Ask for help immediately; don't wait! 
  • It would help to control your thoughts and fears when finances aren't the best- it will do more harm than good. Remedy your fear by asking for help and remedy your thoughts by learning your options and following through with them. 
  • Find someone with the answers! Check out your local resources and tap into them. Ask questions! 

Eventually, we had no choice but to sell our home to avoid foreclosure. Hindsight, this was the best thing to happen to us. We used this to move out of Florida, USA, to New Zealand! The best place for me and my partner.

Gold nugget: Whatever happens after you've done everything in your power and the chips are all down- see your options and turn them into opportunities. You never know- it could be what needed to happen to take you to where you're supposed to be. 

Overall, the recipe of Fear and Finances led me and my partner to New Zealand. Would I recommend this route? HELL NO! But it did lead us to a better life of Happiness and Opportunities.

Take the nuggets I shared with you and adjust your life. Now you know what the recipe of fear and finances can produce. I don't recommend it, lol.

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