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Lesson 5: Fear No Judgment. The Power of Authentic Living

In season 3, episode 6: Popping Out of The Authenticity, I delve into authenticity, discussing my journey towards embracing my true self. I share my experiences with self-censorship and the barriers I've had to overcome to be my authentic self. I also discuss the importance of authenticity in everything you do, especially in the things you love.

Key Highlights

Authenticity is a journey with new layers to discover. Each time I reach a new level of authenticity, there's always room for more that makes itself more apparent. Just a few days ago, I finally figured out what was at the source of the small voice in my head saying, "Bro.... Redo the WHOLE episode. Delete this." I thought it was me being a perfectionist, but in reality, I wasn't being my entire outlandish self, and it took me some time to sit with myself to discover why I wasn't- On my OWN podcast at that. This leads to the next highlight.

Self-censorship can be a barrier to authenticity. I always self-censored! It was clever and safe in specific environments like work and business, school, or family functions. Now, I don't say to not censor yourself in settings that it makes sense to but don't do it when it comes to your passions or your creations that you love. I did this for years in my podcast, and that voice always told me to redo it after I pressed the button to stop recording. Now that I had time to reflect, I will not be doing that again- I was not getting my cup filled. This may trigger some parts of your life that you self-censor yourself in, but let me ask: do you relate to not getting fulfilled when you continuously self-sensor as well?  

Being authentic in the things you love can be fulfilling. When I recorded the episode mentioned above, it was the first time I genuinely had to do many retakes because I couldn't stop laughing! LOL, it was also the first time I didn't hear that voice telling me to redo an episode. It was fun, fulfilling, and overall relieving to be my outlandish self. You should practice being more authentic in the things you love; you may find yourself laughing so much and experience a much-needed change in how you do the things you love. 

- Overcoming fear of judgment is a part of the journey towards authenticity. Fear of judgment is something I still struggle with, if I'm honest lol. I'm tall and already attract a lot of attention, and I have some funny views on life that would turn heads. So, staying under the radar is pretty comforting. Lol, however, when it comes to the things I love!?? Oh yeah, fear of judgment is obsolete! You're going to know how I feel about the things I love, and I won't care what Tom, Dick, Harry, or Rasheeda think about it. A trick to help me overcome this fear a bit at a time is knowing that there's an area of my life where I don't fear judgment, so I bring some of that courage over in new situations when I need to. 

- Embracing your unique self can lead to more engaging and meaningful conversations. Like I said in my podcast, my conversations with friends and others are out of this world. Those conversations have led to deeper insights, accountability, and the truth behind specific actions taken because we developed trust by being our authentic selves. Embracing your unique self makes you face that which is not you. The things people or family told you that you're supposed to be. It may even be misconceptions you have had over yourself for years that aren't true. In facing what is not you, you embrace the unique and authentic you. It takes time, but you will get there! 

Thanks for reading, 

The Black Konnektor